Friday, April 29, 2016

Best of the Worst: April 29, 2016

Best of the Worst has reached its apex. Sadly, it can only go down from here. And it's not because of iKON's tragic photoshoot or CL's revealing instagram post.

It's because of cats.

More specifically, it's because of SHINyan — a cat version of SHINee that was created to stand in for the real SHINee in Japan because they're so busy.

Bias wreckers and couch shredders

It's a real thing. In fact, SHINyan has a website and a Twitter.

SHINyan will be debuting under SM Entertainment Japan, who've gone hard for this (parody? marketing stunt? acid-induced nightmare?) feline idol group. They've already even released a teaser for the group's first song, "Because of you for cat."

The little suit things simultaneously make me
want to
 squee and punch someone, possibly myself.

Addicted after those 15 seconds? Me, too. Luckily, SM Entertainment Japan has everyone covered. They've created profiles for each member, so you can pick the cat who best fits your tastes. Or whichever one is modeled after your favorite SHINee member.

So yeah, that's it for Best of the Worst for today, and maybe ever. I don't think anything will ever top this. It's the most ridiculous piece of kpop-related news I've ever come across.

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